Specializing In


  • Licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in Jungian and Depth psychotherapy.
  • Completed Levels I, II and III Advanced Training in Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy.
  • Provides EMDR Therapy
  • Meets clients in person at her office in Salt Lake City.
  • Offers counseling services via video Skype and email to national and international clientele
  • Individual, Couples and Family Therapy
  • Jungian and Depth Psychotherapy
  • Attachment Theory
  • Narrative, Self, Depth and Psychology
  • Experienced working with addiction and recovery, attachment theory and  autism
  • Dreamwork, hypnosis, archetypes in daily life

If you are interested in individual, couples or family therapy, please send an email to Sunny at sunnys@jps.net


“I adhere to the philosophy that merging mind, body and spirit facilitates the deepest, long-term change. This in turn, opens us to live our lives fully engaged, excited and with a sense of purpose.”

I bring a variety of techniques to the process, tailoring it around the needs and challenges of the client. I have completed Levels I, II and III of Dr. John Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy, Attachment Theory, Narrative and Self Psychology. This eclectic approach can adapt to a broad spectrum of issues.

“My greatest joy is watching my clients awaken to their true self and step into a place of empowerment and activation!”

One of my strengths as a therapist is that I’m genuinely non-judgmental and feel everyone -no matter how broken they are in the moment-  is, at their core, beautiful, whole and worthy of love and respect (no matter how buried). One of my clients once told me I’m a warrior for the Inner Child. I completely trust the psyche’s process. Imagine the metaphor that we go into the shadowlands with your psyche.  I walk at your side, carrying a torch to light the way. I’m interested in bringing relief quickly and effectively, using a tool kit of interventions that are customized to clients’ learning styles. I  use insight work, cognitive interventions, dream analysis, role playing, visualization and other techniques. I offer worksheets to continue the process outside of the office. I act as a midwife to the birth of my clients’ psyches…there to assist your psyche’s natural unfolding.

“In regards to healthy relationships, rather than limit and dwindle one another’s potential, partners help one another grow and thrive. Optimally, couple’s stay together not out of fear or control, but rather for mutual growth, love, respect and expansion.”

My goal is to move troubled relationships into a place of freedom, love and emotional safety. Relationships are VERBS not NOUNS- meaning, when there’s conflict, there’s no right person and wrong person, but rather a problematic communication pattern. In session, we look at the communication process together, the dynamic happening in the moment, and we work together to change the faulty patterns to healthy interactions (both nonverbal and verbal) both inside and outside of our sessions.

“I use Gottman relationship therapy because its empirically based and concrete. Because I have training in a very broad spectrum of psychology theories, I can customize to my clients.”

Dr. John Gottman is the foremost relationship psychologist alive today and I’m honored to be learning directly from him and Julie (his wife). Gottman’s diagnostic methods and interventions work well for ‘left brained’ clients. It’s a wonderful compliment to my background as a Jungian depth therapist- which explores more imaginal and psychodynamic (right brained). I also have extensive knowledge of attachment theory.  I have extensive training and experience in a variety of therapeutic techniques, everything from behavioral interventions to dream analysis.

“At Pacifica Graduate Institute, I learned about the work of Carl Gustav Jung and his tradition: dream images and depth psychology.”

My traineeships focused on autism and inpatient drug and alcohol treatment and recovery. I trained in attachment theory and mindfulness.

“I see individuals, couples and families. My specialties are in healing communication patterns in relationships, and empowering my clients to be the best person they can be.”


Sunny Strasburg’s therapy practice is a fee-for-service practice. I do not bill insurance companies and would be considered an out-of-network provider with most insurance providers. You are charged directly for services provided. If your insurance company reimburses you for therapy servise, I can provide a bill with all of the information your insurance provider requires to reimburse you directly. Once you have met your out-of-network deductible, your insurer may send you a check to reimburse you for a portion of the costs of the services.